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  1. How long have you been DJing?

    The question should be how long haven't I DJed. I always had a thing for music, and if you ask anyone they can tell you I have a great ear for what sounds good. DJing family and friend's parties, as well as school functions from a young age payed off! I officially started my company in the fall of 2009 and we have been going strong ever since!

  2. How much do your services cost?

    The price varies depending on that type of event you are having. We don't necessarily charge per hour, but we do have a list of traditional pacakges for each type of event. We are reasonably priced and will do the best to stay within your budget! Email Jimmy today at and we will set up a meeting!

  3. How involved in the party is the DJ?

    The DJ will be as involved as you want. If you are going for a low-key corporate event, the DJ won't go crazy. If you're looking for a high-energy Sweet 16 or wedding, you'll have one of the best MC's in the business!

  4. Do you do karaoke?

    Yes we do! You're welcome to add karaoke to your next event! We have a full library of karaoke tunes, so you'll be covered here!

  5. How far in advanced should we book you for our event?

    It all depends. We prefer that you make your reservation ATLEAST a month prior to the engagament, but some dates are already reserved! The earlier you book, the greater change of availablity!

  6. Will you play my favorite song?

    Yes! We meet with the client to sign the contract, where we ask for song lists. This is also available in the "Client Login" area of our website. You can provide us with a list of songs you NEED to hear, and a list of songs you DO NOT wish to hear. If you tell us not to play a certain song, we will not play it at all, even if a guest requests it.

  7. Do you stop playing music for dinner?

    No. During your entire event, music will never stop. It will change with the mood though. During the party time, there will be upbeat and fun dancing music, and during dinner there will be quieter and more peaceful music.

  8. When should we pay the DJ?

    Besides the deposit, you do not need to pay until the day of your event. You may pay in advanced, but if you wait until your party, you MUST pay in full before the start of the party. If a DJ gets to the event and does not recieve payment before the event, the show won't go on.

  9. How much do we tip the DJ?

    Although tipping isn't required, it is greatly appreciated for hard work! If you do wish to tip the DJ and staff at your event, you may do so at the end of the night!

  10. We hired you for a 4 hour party, but will you stay another hour?

    It's possible! It all depends on if you are the only event that day. You must consult the DJ on site if they will be available to stay, but if they can we would be happy to keep your party going!

  11. Should we give the DJ drinks and food?

    We don't go to an event expecting to eat, but if you would like to give us a meal it would be appreciated. Just let us know before hand so we don't stop to get something. We also do not drink alcoholic beverages on the job, so soda and water it is!

  12. Do you contract out your parties?

    No! If you book me for your event, I will be the DJ and MC at your event! If we are booked on your date and you would still like to go with our company, we do offer other DJs, but the client will fully understand who will DJ their event. All of the DJs we send out for double bookings are professionally trained and they all have the same setup, so there will be no sacrifice to your party!

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